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Sonic Media Network & RME Is a world wide production company that specializes in the creation of visual content and music. 
Our team is made up of various pronounced directors, producers and editors who have worked with several major, independent TV networks, On-demand streaming platforms and major record labels. 

Various works from our producers and directors have received placements on networks like: Netflix, ABC, MTV, ESPN, BBC, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, E!, Vh 1, NBC, Cartoon Network, Fox Media, and more.
Our team of producers and directors have also worked with various independent film makers, actors, writers and singers on their personal projects. From vision to creation, our producers have worked/collaborated with independent talents from around the world on projects, maintaining and realizing their goals. Our producers have also secured various placements on networks for independent film-makers, actors, writers and various record label opportunities for musicians.

V​​​​antage Points  

~New TV Mini-Series~


Traces of Mystery​

C H ​A P T E R S

C H ​A P T E R S

C H A P T E R S​​

Shadows in the Mirror

   Eye of the Lens

​​ Eye of the Lens -  Chapter 1 ​​

​​Traces of Mystery -  Chapter 2

Shadows in the Mirror  Short Clip- Chapter 3

Commentary with Producer